The Weekly Vibe and Mantra with Kimmie Rose September 30 to October 6

This week will feel DIFFICULT-but-EMPOWERING! Remember, you’re not crazy. You have been feeling like people in your life need to get their story correct when it comes to the stories you’ve created with them in the past. Saturn is DIRECT…Saturn is the Lord of Karma! This means the truth will come out and you don’t have to push so hard to prove who you are. The VIBE that’s in the air is about knowing that truth will always prevail and with faith, it will rise to the surface! The lesson is to not attach to an outcome. This begins to open the doorway to self-love that is opening the gateway to the 11/11 ACTIVATION which prepares you to clear your mind, stop the monkey mind and connect with answers that have always been within you. In short – Activating the DIVINE GUIDANCE WITHIN YOU!

The other Vibe present is that we finally have the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves into FAITH and to listen to UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE and know that when we truly attune to the truth that we were NEVER separate from the knowing that we have the vibe within us to be in touch with our DIVINE INTUITION and if it says you have everything you need within you to manifest the life you were meant to live. A message came to me to share with you “When you feel that no one is listening to you, everyone abandons you and surrender your pain something powerful happens. You trust yourself and find your own voice. Then, you experience your own strength and own inner power. You become your own pilot – you become an expression of your true being and own it. Your voice, thoughts, and choices are being piloted by you. To know yourself and separate from the opinions of others is to truly live your life authentically as yourself. Experience the freedom that this week offers you!