The Weekly Vibe and Mantra with Kimmie Rose October 28 to November 4

With Mercury going into Retrograde on the 31st, communications have been all over the place. I find myself getting on video instead of texting people to make sure the communication is clear. It’s really important to be clear with communication. I’ve noticed a lot of people have been stressed out and they are focusing on what they want and what they want now and nothing else matters. That’s all that they hear, what their needs are, not hearing what’s actually being said. This can be frustrating especially for people that are coming from a place of love and caring and wanting to be honored with their deepest. You’re going to feel some really big strikes this week. Things you’ve asked for in the past, you may feel a little ripped off. Instead of feeling ripped off, it’s an important time to communicate, before Mercury goes Retrograde.

For those of you that wonder what does Mercury in Retrograde mean, Mercury is the planet of communication and when it goes Retrograde, it starts to go back so put your glasses on and look at what’s really in front of you and what you are ignoring, detaching from, and say what do I need to share? If you let it bubble up inside of you it’s going to make you physically ill. I’m a person who has Mars, Mercury, and Pisces – so I’m like a walking/talking sponge. If I’m not honoring me, it comes right back at me.

If anything happened over the weekend and you didn’t communicate it, don’t be afraid, to be honest, and truthful. If it’s something you’ve thought about more than once, it is important to bring it up. If you don’t, it will cause heavy-duty problems as we enter into the gateway of 11:11. This week, any of the chains that are binding you, that are keeping you from feeling that connection with your partner or close friends/ family – get some clarity and you’ll get a better sense of knowing and how things need to be done. Things will align better for you. If you can’t be honest – then don’t be in it. For work, if you are feeling uncomfortable, or you feel like you need to go to social media or other places to see what’s going on – put the brakes on and go-to source. Source is within you. Close your eyes and start to channel energy and center – you will find that the information will flow so much easier.

Mantra: I allow myself to communicate clearly that which has been inside. For when I communicate, I am in full freedom of expression. I allow myself to communicate freely and fully. When I am in clear communication, that which is inside will break free the chains that bind me. I intend to break free of the chains that bind me through communication. I intend to break free of the chains that bind me. I intend to break free of the chains that bind me.
My Toledo event is going to be rescheduled for January 2020. There are many divine messages that need to go out at that time. Instead of just doing the event in November, I decided to change the date to make sure the event and the book is exactly the way it needs to be.