The Weekly Vibe and Mantra with Kimmie Rose October 21 to October 27

It’s going to be an interesting week. It’s important to be careful about communication. Mercury is in retrograde – things can be said that can really hurt people. It’s important to listen to your inner heart and inner guidance. The best way to do that is to Rest, be still. You’re going to change jobs, you’re going to change directions and you’ll do great if you have the faith in yourself. If you don’t have faith in yourself you’re going to fall into a 3-year cycle of repeating some pretty hard lessons. As we can roll back the hands of time to 2012-2015 (I’d like you to review those times) something happened that changed you. You need to know you are not that person anymore. You are who you are NOW. In the now. That person no longer exists. You are exactly where you need to be. It is so important to be present. I cannot stress enough the importance of presence and in developing your intuition.

A lot of people say that I write about Ascension. We all have a physical body and we all have a soul. It is allowing your soul to settle gently into the physical body and that is how you live heaven on earth. I’ve been writing a book about it and it’s been pretty strong and I was going through all of these phases and what came to me was “You already are. It’s your choice. You can detach, you can not enjoy or you can stay within.” With that, you are going to see Millenials that are starting to simplify. Why? Because they want to enjoy it. They are focused on health and on being present and enjoying things – not on keeping up with the Joneses. They’ve removed that frame – that picture-perfect frame. They are who they are.

The baggage from our past keeps us from really releasing ourselves from the judgments that we instill upon ourselves and Authenticity is being who you are. If someone is talking loving and you don’t want to hear it – block it out. But just remember what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. People are who they are and if you can’t accept that then you need to look within yourself. That’s one of the things I had a counselor say to me. Because I’m a very loving person and I say loving things and the counselor said: “Be yourself.” It’s something within that person that they aren’t feeling comfortable with love. Maybe they’ve had some hurt and rejection and usually, it’s the person they’re the closest to, that will always love them, that they don’t want to hear that from. I didn’t understand that but I felt like I should share that with you because it’s significant for a lot of people that I’m talking to right now.

For those that have had people walk away. Know that they are not walking away. They are just feeling like it’s too heavy (a lot of stomach troubles this week)- they can’t handle the heaviness and they can’t handle hurting you so it’s easier to walk away than to have access.

If you are upset with someone because they are not listening to you – block them on Facebook, on your phone. Tell them it’s not about ignoring them – it’s about you honoring them because it hurts you when they aren’t listening to what you’re saying and it hurts you more when you are getting mad at them. That space that’s between you is so bonded. It’s never separate, but it needs healing. Because of all of the ripples that go back and forth. The only truth that can be heard for anyone is when the silence is there.

With that, I want to send you lots of love and light. Come into this moment – I allow myself to be in this moment and let go of everything and anything that controls my thoughts, to push to convince to make things happen. I allow light to guide me. I allow light to guide me. Have a really great week.