The Weekly Vibe and Mantra with Kimmie Rose July 22 to July 28

This week is a powerful week when the inner planets – Venus , Mars and Venus Mercury start their journey in re-aligning your soul with your head and heart in the aftermath of last week’s end of an era lunar eclipse. A Grand Trine in Fire between Jupiter, Mars and Chiron reminds you to trust the process that has been shown to you and align with the life you chose to live before you came to this earth plane. Living your Souls Purpose allows you to balance your inner relationship with yourself with your personal relationships and embrace the deepest part of your desires. The Mercury /Sun and midweek Mercury/Venus conjunction will align you with information that enlightens you on how to live your Souls Purpose. This Weeks Vibe is powerful and will lift you out of the fog you’ve been in since 2005. Kimmie also shares with you a lesson to develop your intuition and a weekly Mantra to help you flow into your Souls Purpose.