The Weekly Vibe and Mantra with Kimmie Rose January 13 to January 20

This week’s episode is jam-packed full of goodness!

This week’s Vibe: Collaborate with your purpose This week’s Mantra is focus on new beginnings, not what you’ve lost.

Saturn – Lord of Karma – brings up our greatest fears and we have to face them. We know what doesn’t serve our highest good and what does.

This is going to be an interesting week. A couple of things are significant as we go into this week. We are in the throws of a major Lunar Eclipse and the storm it has kicked up by the awakeners is ruled by Uranus and Aries. This is a rare time, these awakeners are turning forward together and when they do that and a lot of planets are also moving direct – they are accelerating our trip down the rabbit hole.

On Sunday we had a rare Saturn Pluto conjunction, the first in Capricorn for 537 years and it’s going to be making its way into all of our lifetimes for the next 30 years. It’s going to be like clicking these energetic codes into place and it’s going to be like a domino effect. Remember the domino effect doesn’t have to be bad, but you need to decide if you want to keep picking those up, or do you want to start over. Understand that the chain reactions in your life have already repeated themselves many times.

As this energy is kicking up it’s really going to have this powerful effect over the next 2 years which will stimulate a lot of powerful things even economically on a global scale. We’re going to find that the Saturn conjunct Pluto it could have something to do with nuclear war, fears it’s actually an energetic state that brings about natural disasters but it’s about reformation.

United States Karmic Pluto Return — hasn’t happened since 1776 and many markers happened with our Founding Fathers and we’ll see many markers happening in national and global history happening. Not only will Pluto be making its karmic return, so will the volatile Uranus who wants to be heard and Neptune says you can’t hide from the truth – waters are polluted, minds are polluted, these things need change. Listen! Listen to those that are speaking. They’re NOT crazy.

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As we come into this time it’s going to indicate a great American Crisis – not just America – it’s going to create another hinge of history throughout the world comparable to the Civil War and World War II and its in the making of great change. We can do things differently this time as we have all kinds of understanding that we didn’t have before.

Volatile Energy – things are going to come up and you’re going to say I told you so. Our waters are polluted – where are you going to get your water? We’re going to move back to the community. If you want to make a difference in the world, start with your community. I am very blessed to be a part of WAKT in Toledo, OH and you can see community radio and TV popping up all over the place. It’s going to reach out and really bring us the truth so your awareness is needed. Being a part of community radio gives you an opportunity to be a part of something – to be a voice in the community. It’s not about people dictating what you believe or what your voice needs to say. That’s what I love about WAKT and I feel blessed to be a part of this community radio station.

Communities will start having more block parties, more block watches and people going into restoration and working together and more harmony. Music is going to pop. There are going to be some major changes in music – more concerts, what was once in the underground is going to be coming up. We might see some record labels trying to jump on that bandwagon but we’re going to have some people saying ‘not doing it’ unless you are willing to work with me on this. You can’t brand something that is part of creation. We’re going to see this with music and art and all kinds of things.