Raise Up Your Awareness - Connect to The Prism of Life

It’s important not to fear but to raise up your awareness and connect with the abilities that you have within yourself It is through waking up and connecting to the Prism of life you will find freedom from all war. To say one cannot change what is to come is to deny the truth “ we all have free will and choice “. To say one is not truly informed of those who want to lead us like sheep and blindly follow them is absurd because we have been exposed to several wars and several tragedies that were started by these false Shepherds. We know more, feel more, and are now looking for new ways to live simply, free ourselves from the absurdities that brought the wars of the past to being. We are already waking out of the slumber. So, now we must go in…pray/ meditate daily and our very breath will guide us. We will realize that we came here for a reason and each of us who lives on this earth has a purpose – a part to play as we enter the next stage of evolution. This is the stage that guns are replaced by awareness. An awareness will free us from being sheep. Do not fear what the media says – recreate the story. It is possible to do this and when you do…the Fear that has turned people into sheep will be no longer.–

Kimmie Rose