Types of CCT

Kimmie offers two types of CCT sessions

In person sessions 

Healing in person is often done on a massage table. After an initial discussion about what you would like from the session, you remove your shoes for comfort, lie down and are covered with a light blanket. I gently place my hands on or slightly above different, non-intrusive areas of your body as you receive all three phases of CCT. For a full description of these phases please read The CCT Protocol After phase two, you’ll be asked to state your intentions. During this part of the session any other healing work that you need is done. Completion of the session then follows. A receiver usually feels relaxed, revitalized, balanced, centered, grounded and expanded after a session.

Distance Format
At an agreed upon time, You will be given a number to call or Kimmie will call you for your session. It is important  that you lie down in a place where there are no distractions and listen to a spoken CCT session that can be experienced much like a meditation. You may very well feel or perceive energy shifting throughout your body. As in all sessions, intentions are discussed and clarified, then brought in fully to your entire being.


Benefits of the individual session are unique to each person and many people experience:
  • Greater ease in healing
  • Clear diagnoses with medical conditions
  • Relief from pain
  • Clearing of longstanding, chronic conditions
  • Improved well-being
  • Improved mental/emotional state
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved circulation
  • Overall improved sensory integration
  • Enhancing of medical procedures or medicines with reduced side effects
Crystalline Consciousness Technique Charts:

Soul Charts
Mandala shaped charts are based on the forms found inherent within the Flower of Life pattern. They are used in CCT for unique, individual healing sessions and for complex group situations.
CCT provides an energetic framework that releases distortions, and negative karma and at the same time works with the Universal laws of manifestation- Creation.
CCT jet rockets conscious intent into the appropriate form for your success.
Soul Charts in CCT, are infused with the new energy paradigms and crystalline consciousness. They are created by the founder of CCT Gia Ramirez Combs and Sue Buterfield who has provided the energy and artwork for these charts. These charts measure 900 on David Hawkins consciousness scale and allow gia and Sue to work with a great deal of power for manifesting with grace, ease and light. Kimmie will sit with you and connect with your intentions and offer guidance and support to clarify your needs, wants and intentions and discuss and write information about what steps you need to take in your relationships pertaining to business and personal life and give you guidance on how to work with them in the new energy paradigms.

Energy work with Soul Charts from Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ and plant spirit medicine that release blocks both internally and externally, lays the energetic framework for highest potential and connection to your helpers from other realms, and creates a bridge to success.

Infinity Soul Chart
This chart symbolizes the figure eight, as well as the Vesica Piscis (which represents doorways into other dimensions and is formed by the overlap of two circles). Our body has many Vesica Piscis including the eyes and the chakras. This chart is quite helpful in mastering dualities (issues in your life that seem like opposites and are not); balancing vertical and horizontal energies for bringing in and/or expressing soul purpose; balancing individual and/or group energies (or individual with group energies); and as an activation tool to access latent abilities and spiritual levels of healing and development.

Fee: $150

Seed of Life Soul Chart
The words associated with this chart represent the four subtle bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual). This can be used as a very powerful 21-day healing; to balance the subtle bodies; to clear and activate the connections between the spiritual and the other subtle bodies; and anything in the rhythm of 7, i.e., chakras, days of the week.

Fee: 21-day healing: $400.00

Fruit of Life Soul Chart
This chart assists in releasing distorted energies particularly at the start of a new venture or project, a company, a relationship, or even a person’s journey on the planet. Based on the cycles of growth as represented by the zodiac, each sign has a word associated with it that connects to the essence of that cycle. The inner ring of 6 circles represents the inner development of a process that may not be exhibiting itself externally at the present time. The outer ring of 6 circles represents when the expression is externalized. The 13 circle in the center represents the self/Self – all that has been learned through the process. Suggested uses are for a project, oneself, a family or organization or to create a story of the soul’s journey on the planet.

Fee: $400

Tree of Life Soul Chart

This chart is a very effective tool to work with different levels of consciousness within the body/mind. It represents us as a living organizational system and works with the planetary influences on the body. Some of the healing techniques that work very effectively with this chart are to balance and heal planetary energies affecting a person; any business or organization (or family!) having complex components and needing synchronizing; healing and working with all the systems of the body.

Fee: $300

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