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A Brief Overview of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

Written on April 8, 2007 by gia combs-ramirez in Crystalline Consciousness Technique
earthwebsite-1.jpgCrystalline Consciousness Technique™ is a new modality in the field of energy medicine that heals the energetic system of the body and creates holographic resonance with the power of intention. People who have learned CCT have found it an effective healing tool not only for their clients but for themselves as well. CCT works equally well for healing, manifesting and transforming group dynamics. One of the unexpected results of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ was in creating stable energy fields that provide greater protection for people who are ultrasensitive to crowds, fluorescent lights or other electromagnetic interference. Practitioners have also reported a greater sense of connection and ease in relationships.
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ was cofounded by myself and a metaphysical friend, Lexi Sundell. We had gotten together one afternoon to meditate and bring in some information from our Reiki guides for an upcoming class that we were going to teach. What we didn’t know was that our combined energy fields at that exact moment in time was the perfect vibration for the CCT protocol to be downloaded to us. This was a soul level contract that was activated then brought in to help with this time of planetary transition as well as a vibrant tool for the new paradigms that we are beginning to live.
A CCT sessions consists of three phases and intention, all which work with the newly evolving crystalline system of the body. This system allows us to download tremendous amounts of energy/information without overloading the central nervous system.
In phase one the energy body is brought into the frequency of 7.8 hertz, the most optimal frequency for healing. In this frequency the physical body begins to deeply relax, turning off chronic fight or flight mechanisms that seem to get stuck on because of stressful, hectic lives. This allows the brain to quit producing stress chemicals that are the underlying factor in aging and life-style illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. This frequency range also allows the emotional body to move from the fight or flight emotions of fear and anger to peace, joy and contentment. All of this prepares the body for deeper healing.
During phase two of a CCT session, sacred geometric shapes are brought in that bring greater coherence to chaotic or distorted energy patterns at a cellular level. Creating and maintaining health depends on the body systems, organs and cells all communicating to each other. This is best achieved through a highly coherent, unified energy field. At this point in the session, the physical and the energy body are ready for the intention or intentions of the conscious mind.
In our daily lives of sensory overwhelm, we rarely get to observe or perceive the power of intention in shaping and directing our lives. When it is spoken in a body that is quiet, open, receptive and unified it is often deeply felt as the vibration of the words penetrate tissue. Intention provides the organizing dynamic for the cells of the body. We often know what we don’t want in our lives but our bodies need a sense of forward movement for growth and health. Intention answers the question of “What am I moving toward?” Some tips for creating powerful intentions are:
1. Be conscious of your intentions. Allow yourself time in the morning to get calm and quiet. Focus your mind on your heart. From that place ask yourself, “What would I like to see happen today?”
2. Always state your intention in the positive. Many of us are used to focusing only on what we don’t want. This can be a helpful stage in identifying what we do want, but its what we want that matters.
3. Be explicit. Many of us use shortcuts in our communication, implying certain things without actually saying them.
4. Be open to outcome. Many of us block that which we most want to receive or limit our intentions by expecting them to be in a particular form or timing. Fully release your intention to the Universe so that it may come to you in the right form and timing.
5. Keep a journal of your intentions. Observe what begins to shift and change in your life. As you do you’ll begin to understand yourself better leading to clearer intentions. At the same time you’ll begin to trust the Universe to respond to your intentions.
6. Intentions empower. Invite your children or your spouse to state their intentions before starting a new endeavor. When talking with people who are endless complainers invite them to shift their focus by saying, “What would you have liked to see happen?”
The final phase of a CCT session brings a sense of smoothness to the receiver. As the healing from the session is anchored into the core of the body, the receiver feels grounded yet expanded at the same time. During the three to five days following a session, receivers have noticed that old patterns, habits, and emotions that they no longer want lift out, leaving a greater sense of freedom or space through the whole body. A sense of joy is often felt as their intentions manifest in surprising ways.
One Session (45 min to an hour)  $120.00
If you book three consecutive sessions the cost is $85.00 (deposit required)
If you book five consecutive sessions the cost is $75.00 (deposit required)

Note:  Sessions must be scheduled if consecutive.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique Charts:

Soul Charts

Mandala shaped charts are based on the forms found inherent within the Flower of Life pattern. They are used in CCT for unique, individual healing sessions and for complex group situations. If your CCT practitioner is doing a session with you using a chart, print out the chart and fill in the information that your practitioner gives you. They are fun to color as well.
Tree of Life
* Note Kimmie Rose gives this discount because she believes that doing <at least” three consecutive sessions provides the proper support for an individual.   

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