Kimmie Rose will connect with the sacred Medium that exists between all people to allow her to discern suggestions for your life path. Through this discernment, she will share what she “sees” happening in your life now, as well as how the past may have influenced it.  She will give you “choices” to move forward in “present” time so you can release what is needed to help you live a life that, first, serves your highest good, and then emanates to those around you.

Using intuition, mediumship, and her minister’s background, Kimmie will give you valuable tools to empower you and those around you to shift your life so you can embrace the “clarity” of what you really want rather than the illusion that may drive you to make choices out of fear.  Along with her intuitive mediumship, she may tools such as tarot (to see your spiritual path), spiritual journaling (writing messages as she allows Spirit to guide her), as well as numerology and astrology to provide accuracy with timing and personality traits.

Kimmie devotes her undivided attention to effectively transforming constraining obstacles into unrestricted opportunities. Matters such as finances, relationships, family, career goals, soul origins, personal health (not medical advice), and past life connections are suitable for immense exploration.

Readings typically include:

  • Helping you understand your relationships and personality descriptions
  • Sensing compatibility for partnerships
  • Analyzing past lives as a tool to empower the present
  • Examining probabilities and outcomes
  • Increasing spiritual awareness
  • Clearing energetic residue and toxins

Costs for readings:

  • 15-minute session, $40.00
  • 30-minute session, $60.00
  • 45-minute session, $90.00
  • 1-hour session, $110.00

Although a 15-minute session is offered, Kimmie recommends at least 30 minutes so there is time to discuss all areas.

Clients often ask when they should return, and Kimmie always trusts that they will first take with them and use what they have been given, discern it, and then allow their hearts to guide them, either to another session with her or with someone she would recommend.  Kimmie believes in community, and she has a network of counselors, intuitives, and healers to recommend when she feels that would benefit her clients. The blogs on her community website are intended to bring optimal joy and healing in life!

Kimmie also offers classes on intuition development.  Click here for more information.

Private Edgar Cayce Trance Mediumship Session

In this hour-long session, Kimmie Rose will connect with those who have passed away and will provide information to those who want to “connect” with loved ones or guides.  You can read a Trance Mediumship session testimonial here.

Cost of a private session, $200.00

Group Edgar Cayce Reading
This 1¼ hour session is similar to the personal reading, but is offered to a group.

Costs for group readings:

  • For 2 or 3 people: $250.00
  • For 4 or 5 people: $300.00
  • For ?6 or 7 people: $350.00
  • For a group of 8 or more, call for prices.


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