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We Are One: Understanding the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are said to be the library of all events and responses concerning consciousness in all realities. By accessing the Akashic Records, one must move beyond the conscious realm and open up to the realm of consciousness that is shared collectively by all souls and living organisms. Anyone can gain access into the Akashic Records through different techniques that allow the mind to quiet and move into a preconscious state. In this seminar, you learn the process to connect with what Edgar Cayce called the soul mind (subconscious) and move through different states of consciousness to access these records containing life lessons, meeting your master guide, understanding soul mate agreements and much more.

Connect with Your Infinite Self Online Class

Join Kimmie Rose Zapf as she takes you on a journey of personal enlightenment. By engaging your thoughts and going to a deeper level, you will be able to connect with a greater and more spiritual universe then you could ever imagine. You will be able to put to sleep the drive the keeps you searching for success and happiness. These lessons and meditations will activate and galvanize your senses, and allow your purpose to become the dominate force in everything you do, say and think.

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This is a 6 day class running Sunday through Friday. Each day you will be emailed a Daily Lesson along with an Audio Meditation from Kimmie. The cost of this class is $30. Registration is required on the Friday before the start of a new class on Sunday. To enroll in this class, please call (734) 854-1514.

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