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I am very excited to announce our new online blog community, Prisms of Light!  The teachers who are apart of the community have an array of different gifts and are anxious to share their purpose, their mission and their intention as we work together to become Prisms of Light.
More than 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton passed a beam of white through a prism – a simple triangular piece of glass. The shape allows light to split into rainbow of six colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. But Newton sent this colored light through a second prism, where the light became white once again. The colors were one.
The intention of being a Prism of Light is simple – we reflect our gifts of knowledge to others and honor and receive their gifts to us. We come together as ONE. And as we consciously network, we empower each other through a support system that embodies appreciation and respect. We open the doorways of opportunity and, in this way, we create a solid foundation for each of us to share our gifts. The act of giving and receiving becomes a powerful force of manifestation. As Prisms of Light, we can expand the light of awareness by coming together in perfect synergy: what we reflect outward, we receive back in perfect balance.
My heart speaks to each you and my own self in this way: I have been working on this online community to help authors, speakers and teachers to get their books published, create a solid media package, build their presence to share their messages without paying thousands of dollars to a publicist or having to do as I did and leave my family for weeks. I had an important message to share after my second Near Death Experience to “Teach people we are one” and I ran off around the country to share it and forgot to do the most important part of that message – stay balanced in my own life.
Not long ago, after my second near-death experience, I received a vision in which I was directed to “teach people WE ARE ONE.” I remember that vision as if it had happened today – and as I write this, it is today.  The passion in my heart still holds this intention. I have learned that if I am to teach people that WE ARE ONE, we must be one, secure in the knowledge that we truly are one.


Kimmie Rose



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