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The Evolution of a Soul Mate Relationship by Kimmie Rose Morgan

Purpose of Your Life
The whole purpose to be on this earth plane is for your soul to evolve and go back to the light from which it came. In order to do this you must experience “Love” and let go of any fears. We are joined in from lifetime to lifetime by “helpers” with whom we refer to as “Soul mates”. There are two types of Soul mates: Companions and Karmic. I will explain those later. First we need to explain your soul’s purpose.

Imagine in your mind: God, The Creator as energy of LOVE… whatever you believe in. Imagine this as a huge Ball of energy/light. We begin our journey as being part of this energy/light. While we are part of this light we are joined by other energies or souls who have the same purpose as we do. That is to come back to the light and to learn about this Divine energy. Our purpose is to remember who we are… we are Love, we have God within us, and we are all one. We make agreements with these other souls before we separate from this light that we will go through certain lessons and learn from them and return to the light ONCE WE HAVE LEARNED. The agreements we make with other souls is that they will help us to achieve this goal. We all have the same goal. The difference is that different souls have different purposes! Twin Flames and Soul mates are very different from one another.

Soul Mates
Anyone already familiar with the concept of a soul mate is probably a bit of a romantic. Many people confuse soul mate relationships with Twin flame. There is a huge difference between the two. The difference between Twin Flames and Companion Soul mates and Karmic Soul mates is that Twin Flames are connected as one Spirit/divided to help one another reconnect. Companion Soul mates and Karmic Soul mates have their own “soul/spirit” and are here to “help” an individual soul with their path. The Path is The Path to Enlightenment. Edgar Cayce’s comment that if one did not have a soul mate — whether twin soul, companion or karmic — life would have no point.

A soul mate is a mirror and a mirror tends to reflect perfectly. What we see in another soul represents what we see in ourselves. For ultimately we have the same goal… to be love.

Reincarnation recognizes three kinds of soul mates: Karmic, companion, and twin flames. The three kinds of soul mates allow for a rather impressive range of possibilities when two people are meeting again in this life. All of them serve in the development of the soul.

Twin Flames
Karmic Soul Mates
The third form of a soul mate is the karmic soul mate. These are people with whom we come back together with in order to work through issues that we have been through in previous lifetimes and not worked through. Often, the people whom we feel most frustrated with are considered Karmic Soul mates and they are also people whom we have this inner need for and don’t always respond the way we think we might want them to. In knowing these soul mates, the important lesson is that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in order for us to learn the lesson. Once we know the purpose for meeting Karmic soul mates, it makes it easier to understand the intense feelings we have.

Here is an example of a Karmic Soul mate: Do you have someone in your life who gives you a STRONG feeling inside of a need or perhaps someone whom you feel you have unfinished business with? This is a Karmic soul mate. One important thing to remember about Karmic Soul mates is if you do not find closure or work through the lesson with them in this lifetime, then you will repeat it in another lifetime and/or repeat it during this lifetime. It may even be something like feeling angry that this person lied to you or cheated you in this lifetime. If you did a regression you would take notice that they did the same thing and you did not find peace with them. In this lifetime, it will be part of your lesson to forgive them and let go in order to move forward. Again, the whole purpose to be on this earth plane is for your soul to evolve and go back to the light from which it came. In order to do this you must experience “Love” and let go of any fears.

YES, COMPANION SOULMATES CAN TURN INTO KARMIC SOULMATES if you don’t allow them to help you two grow.
– Is there any reason to have soul mates?
– Is the concept of a soul mate an essential ingredient in reincarnation and/or karma?
– Is the idea just a romantic convenience, or is there something more?
– How do I know if I have met my Companion, Karmic or Twin Flame?

Soul Mate Summary

Twin Flame:
· You will feel a knowing with this soul/person. It is a comfort that no matter where you go or what you do that you will reunite.
· Similar intuitions
· Dreams
· A knowing that you share a higher purpose

Companion Soul mate:
· A teacher, helper
· A person who mirrors you in some way.
· Someone who might have gone through the same situation as you.
· A serendipitous union
· Someone who reminds you of the lessons you are here to learn, like forgiveness.

Karmic Souls:
· A soul which you have shared another lifetime with
· Someone whom you might feel a connection to when you meet. You have a feeling of knowing this person previously.
· Someone who comes back into your life again and again and leaves a so called feeling of a need for closure.
· Intense feelings of love, needing to be together and sometimes fears.

What is happening within…

Without being locked into the mental constraints and high expectations I once put on myself and others while hiding behind my own judgment comes from a space of deep truth.  Not locking in human expectations.  Spiritual Integrity is what I have asked for.  Allowing answers to surface when they are in alignment in respect to the process that anyone I am connected to is what I have intended. I have surrendered it to God.

Acting out of humanness would imply that I am not aware of the seeds of truth that have been planted throughout the last 21 years of my life. That would be lying to myself and in truth; one cannot place blame on anyone for where they are in life or what holds them back.  When one moves past the construct of the collectivism that is actively out their people do not look at themselves as being the one that keeps them where they are in their own life.  Free will and choice is something that gets conveniently tucked away and moved into mass consciousness or ” collectivism” becomes the popular choice as codependency runs rapid in our society. Let’s face it, it is always easier to ” pass the blame” rather than make a change for the better.  This becomes debilitating as a person spends more time in this space as codependent behavior which begins to be the very crutch that “becomes” a person’s comfort zone.  I can speak from truth with this as I am peeling away at the layers of “excuses” I have made for myself in order to avoid myself.  It sounds funny doesn’t it? Avoid myself.  As soon as I had a reality check of my life by people whom I trust as my true soul partners I realized that I could no longer pass the buck of responsibility to anyone else because my reality, health, emotional space was MY DOING.  I may have had encounters with people who had done things to hurt me, but, I have been blessed with being given all the tools for me to get better. I am choosing to do it not for anyone else but for me.  Also, I am now aware that the clearer I am, the better the relationships in my life are. The saying “you can run, but you can’t hide,” is the best thing I have ever remembered and I now know that I cannot from myself. I started to go down a path of avoidance, anger and blame. When this happened all my joy disappeared and I fell into victim mode. Humor, talking and doing things together, sharing special moments with those I love STOPPED and every aspect of my life embodied anger, blame and my ears fell deaf to listening to anyone.  I had a mute button pushed and it muted me in a way that the louder I made myself the more separate I became to the people I once had the closest bonds.             Charles Darwin theorized that if you give a person order then, over time that person will give you clarity.  Design and literally a division will appear amongst oneself and if one does not see that, it will make its way to every aspect of your life.  Give me Order he says, and Let me start with regularity–the mere purposeless, mindless, pointless regularity of physics–and I will show you a process that eventually will yield products that exhibit not just regularity but purposeful design.” In truth I create my reality and if I choose to be a victim then I will draw those situations to me. It had become apparent that only “I” could make the changes in my life and no one could do it for me. The more I depended on others to do it for me, the less I did for myself and I found myself isolated and misunderstood.  I talked about being Awake but didn’t integrate it into my life as a daily practice.  I had so much awareness of how to be awake that I became lazy and allowed artificial things to become my crutch to tell others how to be awake.  I was choosing to destroy myself in order to teach people how not to destroy themselves.  The reality of that hit me one evening as I sat with my family and my son said ” it sounds like you need someone to take care of you mom”.  The thought of that sounded nice, but it also scared me because I had myself talked into a belief that everyone was out to get me and trusting them would lead to destroying how far I had gotten. The weeks following that conversation brought to me situations where his statement would enter my mind and I had to step back and make a conscious choice to look at myself instead of avoiding myself.  I went to the mirror and saw a sadness that clearly reflected “why” I had lost everything.  I had made a choice to stop taking the time to nurture myself and was passing the buck of self-responsibility to everyone around me. I know that is lie I held within and “remembering” the truth that I am the navigator of my life and the people in it will mirror to me a reflection of who I am, if I stayed present.  So as I sit and write I know with patience and faith good things will come as long as I am good to me.   Getting sleep and eating right is the beginning point. What follows I trust will be good as long as I am committed to be truthful to myself to my expectations.  Spiritual Integrity is what I have asked for.  Allowing answers to surface when they are in alignment in respect to the process that anyone who I am connected to is what I have intended. I have surrendered it to God.

No one can truly run away from who they are because they chose to be part of themselves in mind, body and spirit.  So ultimately if I embody faith and love anchored in with this truth everything will be fine.  I can trust that I cannot let myself down.


At my family reunion I was given this prayer book by my great uncle  Bill’s (who just passed away) son Craig (my second cousin). It belonged to my Aunt Helen who died when she was 24. It is so beautiful. It was given to her  by her parents (my great grandparents who are on my mothers father side). My Papa Pete was from Scotland (died at 100) and my Great Grandma Peters from England (not sure when she passed)  they came over on The Queen Mary.  My great Uncle Bill was an amazing man, always greeting me with a kiss.  He did  that with everyone. His Love for God took him to church to read Gods word and now with this book in my hand I feel he is guiding me to enjoy the beautiful verses in this Common Prayer The Hymn Book.  Surely, in my heart I feel guided on my journey.  As I  read the 23rd Psalm it opened my heart as it always does, but, this prayer book gave a deeper connection to the truth  ‘We are never alone’.  Whenever we feel empty, scared or fear we can be assured that the Shepherd is always present.  His staff always there to guide us.  Look up to the stars and feel the wonder of how creator is providing direction.  Such magnificence, Look to the trees, they speak to you through the way they lean, the leaves show us the weather, there are signs everywhere in nature therefore we can be assured that we are always guided.  So the next time you are in doubt , don’t “want” just “trust”  in the divine guidance. Pay attention and allow yourself to feel all that is “natural” around you.  Then, realize this is Creators way of providing you with a staff to let you know that you too are a shepherd.  Follow that path, take the journey and truth that you will find the way to all that you need.  Be comforted with the faith that leads you and know the journey may have some ups and downs, but surely you are always provided a direction.  Become present and it will show itself to you.

May you be blessed as you read this Psalm: The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want; He makes me down to lie In pastures green; he leadeth me The quiet waters by. My soul he doth restore again, And me to walk doth make Within the paths of righteousness, E’en for his own name’s sake.Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale, Yet will I fear no ill: For thou art with me, and thy rod And staff me comfort still. My table thou hast furnished In presence of my foes; My head thou dost with oil anoint And my cup overflows. Goodness and mercy all my life Shall surely follow me; And in God’s house for evermore my dwelling-place shall be.

Living in Mindfulness

Living in Mindfulness

Have you ever driven from one location to the next and not remember anything about the trip?  Where were you?  You know physically you were in the vehicle going through the proper motions to safely take you to your destination, but where were you mentally?  When you were driving from one place to another, were you thinking about something that happened earlier in the day or maybe something you need to do later that night?  By not living in the present moment, what have you missed?

Did you notice today was a beautiful day?  Did you notice the leaves on the trees have turned into a beautiful display of yellows, reds and oranges?  Were you mindful of the warmth of the sun or the coolness in the air as the daylight hours get shorter and shorter?  When driving home from work, did you hear the words to the song on the radio or was the music just background noise as you pondered the events of your day?  Or when you stopped at the grocery store to pick-up that one needed item before heading home for the night, did you notice the person ahead of you seemed quiet or withdrawn?  Would a smile or a kind word make a difference in this person’s life?

So many of us spend our lives rushing to the next moment or rehashing what we could have done different yesterday that we find ourselves in a state of mind that doesn’t allow us to experience what is happening in the present.  Let me ask you this question.  If wanted to experience peace how would you do it?  Would it be better experienced in the past, present or future?

I spent many years of my life searching for this answer.  I thought if I could find a way to change what I did in the past or be better prepared for what was going to happen tomorrow I could find peace.  I spent so much time looking for ways to find it and began to find that I had less time to experience it.  It took meeting an extraordinary man to allow me to better understand that peace wasn’t something that I had to keep looking and that it was something that was already within me.

I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Patch Adams on a trip to his home in Virginia while filming a segment for a talk show.  When I met him I can remember him looking at me.  I felt like he was looking so deep into me that I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me, was I wearing the wrong outfit or did I say something wrong with the initial greeting.  Thoughts began to run through my head of how I could have done things differently.  Then, he said to me, “Tell me about yourself” and he smiled.  It was at that moment that my thoughts stopped racing and I looked into his eyes and suddenly felt all the anxiety leave me.  I felt comfortable with myself and could feel that he didn’t care what I was wearing, what happened before I got there or what was going to happen next.  He was simply allowing me to be myself and experience the present moment by connecting with me. That day I realized that true peace comes from every experience we encounter in each moment in that moment. Patch allowed me to see myself through his eyes by simply “being.”  I was grateful for the experience that was given to me.

The Dali Lama and other great teachers have taught that if one wants to experience peace they must then become mindful of their thoughts and actions in the present moment.  By bringing this type of awareness into a person’s life, peace can be achieved.  As this mindfulness becomes part of our daily life, it’s easier to be grateful for every experience we have, and we become aware that each person that we meet is a blessing.  Everything and everyone in life plays a part in teaching us something about why we are here.

It was through this connection with Patch and a recent near death experience that I was given the message to start a project that would share what I had learned.  This is what The Bless You Project is all about.  It’s about expressing love and compassion in every moment of your life and knowing that you can make a difference through this expression.  It is about embracing each experience in the moment by showing gratitude and knowing that exactly what you draw into to your in life has purpose.  I invite you to stay mindful and reach out to people around you and share with them the same peace that is within you.  Remember, it only takes a moment to realize that everything we need is within us.  By being present wherever we go, we open a doorway to our true nature.  It is that true nature that brings us peace.

How do we create unity?

Honor One Another/Namaste

Namaste is the infinity symbol.  The eight represents the blending of two halves into one and it represents our connection to God.   If you look at it you with see that it looks like the number 8.  The two circles in the Infinity symbol depict Unity,  because circles represent being whole.  In a circle there is no end and no beginning. When you join these together it represents the union of all th joined together representing the Unity we all share. In short, we are all one and  at is.  The representation of no separation from God. We all connected to God.

So, how we are to others, so we are to ourselves. If there is no separation then we are all one.

“Namaste.”  When I speak these words to you, they are not just words.  When I place the palms of my hands and my ten fingers together, it is not just a gesture.   I am reminding you of me and me of you.  With all that I am, I am in you.  We are one.  “Salaam A Lukum,” “Peace be with you” and “Heart to heart,” are all different ways of saying “Namaste” in different cultures.  Namaste is a Sanskriti word that means, “The God in me greets the God in you”.  It is with great honor that these words are spoken, and it is with the deepest of truth that these words are felt.

Scientists, Shamans and great teachers have all come to the conclusion in different ways that there is a direct link that bridges human emotion with the way we interact with one another.  They have found that there is a “force” that is created when we speak our words to one another and when we use certain gestures.  This force can bring about negative reactions, or it can create positive reactions.

The beautiful part of all of this is that we all have a choice when we speak.  Take time to experience love.   When you begin to experience love, you are experiencing the purpose of why you came here.  This purpose may have different paths.  However, the destination is the same; the destination is Oneness.  It is to be all that is…to know that you were created in God’s image.  God is love, therefore, you are love.  We are all the same. There is no separation.  So in truth we are all on a path that leads to one thing and that is Unity.

Bless Everyone Around you

There are many people in our lives who make a difference to us.   Acknowledging them and blessing them for what they do is something we often forget to do.  It is important to show people in your life thanks for making a difference in your life. Whether it be a family member, a waitress, teacher, hairdresser or someone you connect with for a moment, it is important to let them know what a difference they make in your life.  By blessing people, we can begin to create peace in our lives and this peace will extend out to them and to others who are connected to them.

When we create this peace it creates an energy that stimulates neurons in the brain that allows the body to feel more in tune with its natural rhythm.  The natural rhythm of the body is love. Love is an emotion.  Love can have a powerful impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual body.  By stimulating this energy in another person, it creates a feeling of well being and releases negative blockages.  All negative blocks are connected to the emotion of fear which is the opposite of love.

Fear is manifested by many experiences a person goes through.  What we need to remember is that we were born with our natural rhythm of love. So, we are “blocking” this natural rhythm by allowing fear in.  By blessing people we can help a person remove those blockages and return to their natural rhythmic stare.  Thus, helping others to heal themselves and Wake Up!  Remember, in order for the rhythm to wake up it needs to be stimulated by its own natural rhythm, which is love.  By doing this we can create a wave of light in this world.  If you can create this change in just one person, then change can be extended out to many people.  Just imagine!  We can help everyone to Wake Up and live their life in a constant state of love.  How amazing would our world be in this state.  Love is connected to everything that is positive such as peace, happiness, joy etc.

Here are some suggestions on how to say Bless You:

  • When you are in the store look at the cashier and say “thank you _________(say their name if you can see a name tag) for helping me today”.
  • Tell your waiter or waitress that you appreciate their kindness for their service.
  • Tell the gas attendant that you appreciate them for taking the time to smile at you.
  • Let teachers know that you appreciate them because they help you      to grow.
  • Let your child know that you honor the connection that the two of you share.


Message from Ascended Master Abrahm 12-5-13

Today Abrahm spoke to me and asked that I share this message with love and peace I am blessed to share.

Kimmie Rose

My children,

The comet referred to as ISON by NASA is not a comet.  It is a frequency/a vehicle that carries the Starseed children to earth and they will gather in many places where the 12 Ascended Masters gather and it will make its final descent to rest on Dec 23, 2014.

Who are the Starseed Children?

They are from all the Galaxies and the final pilgrimage will begin. The promise of heaven on earth will be fulfilled.  The original Starseed children came to this earth as they were in awe of how the inhabitants of the earth lived in peace so they began to appear the Native Americans (Earth Walkers) and made a divine agreement with them that they could stay as long as they would take form. Some stayed and some went back to their planets. The Earth Walkers needed help as a great separation began to occur in their villages.  The Starseeds agreed to assist them in their ways and the Earth Walkers agreed to bring back the frequency of Oneness when the great time came.  Now the natives are to fulfill their promise to us. This promise is one that was made in the beginning when my people journeyed here from afar to meet them.  This will be shared as I continue to explain what is happening my children….

We are to begin our pilgrimage December 23rd, 2013.

When what NASA calls the Comet; they will gather at Mount Shasta with the Elders of all the galaxies for 3 days.  It is not the end of the world, it is an alignment of the Universe, where the Sun and the earth will align for the first time. The earth will shift from the current third dimension to zero dimension then shift to the fourth dimension. During this transition, the entire Universe will face a big change, and we will see an entire brand new world. During this time, staying calm is most important, hug each other, pray, pray, pray, sleep for 3 nights…we will face a brand new world….as these light bringers are here to help us.  You are one.

Abrahm spoke to me of the joining of The Earth Walkers (Native people) and Starbeings as The Great White Brotherhood they have been waiting for us to “remember”.   Many have been crucified in the name of love and truth.   We are all now to love one another and ourselves.   For the children are coming to help us.   We are to make a pilgrimage to Mount Shasta where they will arrive.  There are ancient elders there awaiting our arrival.   The formation of the Earth Walkers and The Starbeings makes up The Great White Brotherhood a Spiritual Organization composed of the Ascended Masters who have arisen from our Earth into Immortality.  They have not abandoned us, they are working with us on higher realms and some of “Us” who are Ascended Masters have chosen to stay and assist.   The door or wormhole is wide open at this time.   It has been drawn on the ancient walls of the Native Americans that they met the Masters in White Robes and made a divine agreement.  These Masters from The Crystalline Orbits asked the Earth Walkers to experience life on earth and made a divine agreement to learn the sacred ways of the earth and in return teach the sacred ways of the stars.  Thus, the joining of heaven on earth together.  The Sacred Jewish texts speak truth as they have given to us the powerful symbol of the Star of David.  The promised time of The Golden age is now here.  Bless those who wore the star as a symbol of their truth and dedication to this promise.

For Abrahm guided them as he does me.  There are other Ascended Masters and you will know your origin when you connect to the Akasha.  As soon as these Starseed children reach the earth they will release the teachings of the Cosmic law and the Grid will receive its activation.   Each Ascended Master will direct us where to go.  I am directed to go to Mount Shasta.  Know that this is one of many places.  Saint Germain’s teachings will be revealed as The Emerald Tablets will be given back to us.  The Starseed children have safeguarded them. This Spiritual Order of Hierarchy, an organization of Ascended Masters united for the highest purposes of God in man as set forth by Jesus the Christ, Gautama Buddha, and other World Teachers. The Great White Brotherhood also includes Members of the Heavenly Host, the Spiritual Hierarchy directly concerned with the evolution of our world and spiritual beings from other planets that we refer to as “the heavens” that are interested in our welfare. The word “white” refers not to race, but to the aura (halo). Crystalline energy of the White Light of the Christ that surrounds the saints and sages of all ages who have risen from every nation to be counted among the Immortals.

When I received the message “To teach people we are one” it was unknown at the time the origin of the purpose other than I know it is the truth and have always known this.   Now it is revealed to me that The Great White Brotherhood is the Oneness – a spiritual order from every culture and race – Western saints, Eastern adepts, and so on – who have reunited with the Spirit of the Living God and who comprise the Heavenly Hosts. They have transcended the cycles of karma and rebirth and has been activated bringing heaven and earth to one which reveals that the body is truly the eternal abode of the soul.

The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, united for the highest purposes of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God, have risen in every age from every culture and religion to inspire creative achievement in education, the arts and sciences, God-government and the abundant Life through the economies of the nations. The Brotherhood also includes in its ranks certain unascended chelas of the Ascended Masters. Jesus the Christ describes this Heavenly Order in the book of Revelation of Saints as being ROBED IN WHITE. We are in the last nanoseconds before changes in the Earth and these changes are not negative. For we have chosen to “Wake up” from a deep slumber and the “limitations” that have been placed on our consciousness are now lifted.  We can fully embody Heaven on Earth.

Abrahm says “it is a choice, as always it is a choice for our free will is ours”.  Even those who do not choose to believe will feel these activations of love and oneness for nothing can slow down the activations occurring as we speak. The job of the Starship ISON is to activate the New Earth Energy Grid preparing it for Zero Point as well as amp up our DNA to carry Liquid Light. The name ISON refers to the Light Matter Universe we came from called ON.  We now are in the dark matter Universe of Nevadan. It is also a Command from On High “It Is On”!  NASA and the media cannot call it a StarShip without causing a lot of problems right before Disclosure. It is a StarShip nonetheless! StarShip ISON is one from Soltec’s Fleet of Ships. Soltec’s Flagship is the Phoenix. Soltec is in charge of all Communications between Ships in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. When Earth ascends it becomes the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Earth will be a voting Member in our Galactic Community as Ashtar has entered my consciousness and the Galactic Federation as well as interfacing with those in other Sectors of Space.

Jesus did not come here to create separation or anger.  He came here to show us a way that we can live peacefully, just as the Earth Walkers have and those who exist from other galaxies.  This is a beautiful time in which we are in synchrony with our truth and ability to manifest the true vibration that we are “breath, soul and love”.   The vehicle we exist in we are to honor it, love it and move back to one another in Community.   For in the eyes of truth, we see ourselves in each other.   With this message I reach into my heart and pour out love to you and ask you……Are you ready for Peace?   It is your choice.

Loving You

Letting go of a relationship has to be one of the most difficult lessons we experience from lifetime to lifetime. However, it is also one of the most valuable lessons we can experience. It allows us to recognize why we are here and to look deeper within ourselves.  We are all mirrors to one another.

We start a relationship feeling a special connection and as the relationship grows we begin to experience “love”, “comfort” and feelings of “purpose”.   We begin to feel like everything in our life is better and we are happier.  We go into a state of feeling “bliss”.  The Euphoric feelings of love.

When the person we are in love with tells us they have “fallen” out of love the first thing we begin to experience is “loss”.  We begin to feel like we are losing a part of ourselves.  After we go through the feelings of loss we then begin to wonder how this person that we knew so well could let us down.  We wonder what is wrong with ourselves that they would no longer love us.  We begin to question our self worth.  Then, we become bitter and begin to forget why we fell in love in the first place.  We allow ourselves to be swallowed up by the fear of abandonment.

The question I would like to pose to everyone is “what is love”.  I believe that we put too much energy into the fact that love is this “thing” that makes our life better if we can have it.  If we work hard enough and are valuable enough of a person we can keep it.  What we forget is that we are love.  Love is something that is already present in our lives.  That we are all created in the image of God and God is love.  Our society has forgotten how to truly love ourselves.  We need to get back to our own individuality.  In essence our “purpose”.    This purpose is to be love.    If we can do this then we can learn to fall in love with ourselves and then we can have a fulfilling relationship.

The biggest mistake we make in relationships is to put this expectation on the other person. Think about how much pressure we put on those around us by putting them on pedestal to make us feel whole, to feel happy and loved.   We need to remember that anytime we put an expectation on another person to feel love, we are giving up our own power.  We are also setting ourselves up to feel “fear”. Fear being the opposite of love.

By embracing that you already have love within you and that you are already whole you can then “truly” share it with another person.  You can truly experience a “divine relationship”. “Falling” in love has already happened within ourselves.  Sharing love is something that can be a wonderful experience.   I believe a true relationship between two people is one that has no fear of being alone.  There is no expectation of feeling whole or complete because we are already whole and being part of this persons life enhances our life.

Moreover, the next time you begin to feel let down by your partner or if you experience a break up, ask yourself,  “how am I letting myself down” and “what void was this person temporarily filling”.  Then, thank them for teaching you the most valuable lesson that you can experience.  This lesson is “Yourself”.  You are perfect, you are love.

Wake Up Your Intuition

Be Love. You can be anything if you embrace your divine gifts! 

“Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.What we need is to love without getting tired.”  – Mother Theresa

I cannot tell you how many times I have repeated this quote from this blessed mother, but what I can tell you was that these words changed my life. For so many years, I found myself getting angry with people over trivial things. Things like, they didn’t work hard enough, their house wasn’t clean enough or the way they handled their time was not structured. I wanted them to do the things I thought they should do so they would be happy. I found myself being consumed by the frustration that connected me with these feelings. Everyone I looked at I wondered if they were wasting time or being lazy and how could they not want to do something they would enjoy. This became such a huge issue in my life that I began to take it out on the people I loved the most, my family. I found myself planning family gatherings and feeling drained because I was focusing all my energy on whether everyone was enjoying themselves. Then, one day I woke up with my usual hurried energy and realized, “What am I rushing for?” and “Why am I controlling things?” I thought to myself, “Do I have somewhere to go that is really significant?” I stopped and listened to the sounds around me. What I heard was the sounds of the birds chirping and the sound of the wind creeping through my window.

It suddenly came to me, that there is no such thing as time. I felt this sadness overcome me and I realized that I had lost my natural rhythm of being in the moment. I was so hurried through life that I didn’t even hear the sounds around me that were reminding me of my existence. I allowed the physical to sweep me up and separate me from my purpose. I asked myself, “What does it mean to be in the moment?” My answer came to me simply. “It is to be love.” That’s it. It suddenly occurred to me, if I truly loved myself and my existence then I should look at those around me and see the reason I was getting so frustrated with them. It was because I was angry with the part of them that I longed for. I longed to take time off, to be free of responsibility and to just let go. I then asked myself how I could change these habits I had developed. Once again the answer was, “be love.”

So, I got up and went to my bathroom and looked at myself. It was at that moment I fell to my knees and asked God to help me. I surrendered the physical needs to him. The next few months were far from easy for me. The first thing that happened was I lost my job. For the first time in my life I was fired. Then, the entire basement of my home flooded, my daughter got sick and I lost one of my best friends. I fell to my knees and asked God why all this happened when all I did was surrender to him with faith. At that moment, I heard God speak to me. I heard the words, “My dear child, if you had not lost all these things then you would not know how to begin again.” I got angry and said to God, “How do I begin again when I have to feed my children and I am overwhelmed with work to do on my home?” God then spoke to me again and said, “My dearest one, just Be Love.” Once again, I got angry and said, “Be love, Be love. How can I do that with all these things to do and think about?” God answered me again and said, “Dearest child, have faith. I am love, you are me and with this, allow yourself to accept my love and just be.” At that moment, I fell to my knees and felt this overwhelming feeling of Grace envelop me. I put my hand over my heart and said, “I love you, you are beautiful.” Then, I realized that when we pray for something and when we really have faith, when we have intent, we receive what we ask for. However, if we aren’t willing to surrender it, then what we ask for sometimes needs to be removed from our pathway. So, if you want to stay Awake, “Be Love” for love is your true nature. Your senses will connect you to your true nature. It is with this I wish you peace and hope that you will use this book to “Wake Up to Your Intuitive Path.” Once you experience being awake, you will never fear and always feel peace in every experience.

You Have a Choice
It is important to know that you have a choice on how you want to “Wake Up.” There is no one way to do it. Each of us chooses to draw different people into our lives to help to serve as teachers and students and also different situations. Just because your life may have been more difficult than your friend’s doesn’t mean that you will have a harder time learning. Sometimes it’s those situations that push us into learning that wake us up the most.

Remember, the key here is learning. What have you learned through each challenge and how have you grown from it? This learning can be seen as a building block to knowing what it is you do and do not chose to have in your life. You begin to learn that you have choice and these choices ultimately shape your path.

I have heard people say that they cannot be “Awake” because they drank a beer, don’t eat healthy or work at the wrong job. Remember, being awake is the relationship that you have with yourself on your own path. If you feel your own truth and can say I am doing this for my highest good, then it doesn’t matter if you take every multivitamin you need or meditate four times a day. What matters is the intent you set for yourself. If you are aware that you listen to your intuition and know what your own truth is, then it doesn’t matter if you are holding a milkshake and speaking to others about love. What matters is the intent.

I see so many people ride on the wave of what is spiritually popular. One day they decide that they are going to become a spiritual person. So, they start wearing spiritual looking clothes (latest trends with the Yin Yang, etc), start eating tofu, join an abundance class and start using words like “beautiful sister.” These are all fine but they forget that they need to first look deep within and work on themselves. Spirituality is not a fad, nor can it be sold. It is something that is very personal and exists within each individual person. If you want to become spiritual (Awake), you don’t have to wait until you hop on a plane to Sedona, Arizona; you can choose to do it now. Live your life awake by connecting with your own truth. Open your eyes and embrace the life you have been blessed with.

When you truly are Awake, you explore the world with new eyes and an open heart. The world no longer looks the same. Life is no longer lived on the surface; a physical existence of judging and comparing ourselves to others or some internal standard of perfection. When you are Awake, you realize you are connected to everything and everyone. And because God lives within you and everyone else, what you say or do to another, you also say or do to yourself. When you have negative behavior toward yourself and others, it’s like building up scar tissue on your heart and soul. It prevents you from living in the truth.

To live in truth, you must be love. The excuses are now gone and a different challenge confronts us. Rather than acting and reacting to the stimuli of the outside world of people, places and things, we realize we must look within for the guidance to live our lives. We must open our hearts and follow our intuition, which leads us along the path that serves our highest good.

When we live in this new awareness, there is only room in our hearts for love, kindness, patience, acceptance, mercy, grace, caring, compassion, empathy, concern, understanding and encouragement. The days of submitting to fear, hatred, judgment, cruelty, rage, anger, frustration, perfectionism, assumptions, contempt, selfishness and jealousy are the emotions of the past.

When we reach this new level of awareness of being Awake and staying Awake, we don’t blame the outside world or others for the circumstances of our lives. We take responsibility and embrace the challenge of staying Awake. With living this new awareness, we realize that everything we need to solve every problem and manifest every dream is already within us. It is the gift of intuition that will guide you and reconnect you to the spirit, source, light or God from which all things are possible.

Wake Up and feel joy! Live in truth. Be love!

I was blessed to write my Book Wake Up Your Intuition because of this experience. I hope each of you will never stop following your hearts!

Healing Is A Vibratory Force

When you begin to allow yourself to tune in to your own vibration, spontaneous healing takes place.  Your true vibration holds love.

To tune in to this vibration, close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose.  Allow your stomach to expand; then release that breath through your mouth and say, “Ahhh”.   Notice that when you do this, your body and mind connect and you begin to feel your self more.  This is because you are focusing on the tone of your voice which speaks to the mind, body and spirit and brings it all into balance.  It also releases outside forces and brings you within.  You then begin to feel a natural rhythm within you which is peace.  This peace has the ability to move through your body which begins to heal you.  Now, send this vibration to wherever you need healing.  Feel it and allow it to create peace in every cell and tissue, thus releasing any dis-ease that you have been holding because your body is simply returning back toward its natural state of being.

Spontaneous healing takes place when the body is vibrating naturally.  Since our body is made up of 90 percent water it can accept the vibration and healing takes place!


Kimmie Rose


Exchange Of Energy = Using Spiritual Currency

Spiritual Currency – The “exchange” of energy we provide with our customers is important.  When we connect with a customer and allow them to make a personal connection with us, a flow of energy is created.  I call this Spiritual Currency…it is a limitless currency that allows both you and your client to feel the true UNITY in each of us. This also opens a welcoming doorway to your client or potential client and a guarantee that they will tell others about you because when you create this energy, it stays with them.

Whether I am at my store or on the road I am always allowing my Spiritual Currency to flow and share with others about what my business has to offer.

Here is a tip that you can use:

Always make sure you carry business cards that do two things:

1) Provide the person with your contact information and what your business has to offer.

2) Give them a personalized touch on the opposite side of the card that tells them how much you honor the fact that you had the opportunity to interact with them.

On the other side of a business card I always write a personal note and let them know that I am grateful to have met them.  Something like “I am so glad we connected….I hope to talk to you soon and then I include a “personal” email address other than the main email to the store.   This way they feel a one-on-one connection with me.  If you are not able to do this then give them a “personal” email of your assistant.   It’s easy to do….create an email address and forward the email to your regular business account.