Kimmie Rose is an internationally renowned spiritual counselor, intuitive, medium, author, speaker, and CBS television and radio host.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Kimmie was blessed to grow up in a home that was always filled with love.  At an early age, she was opened to her intuitive abilities. Her great-grandmother, Bertha Blake, expanded Kimmie’s intuition by teaching her how to read tea leaves.  Her great-grandmother also encouraged her to write poetry and often shared poems from her distant relative, William Blake, who is well known for his art as well as his intuitive poetry.  Forever changed by a Near-Death Experience, she now travels across the country sharing the messages she continues to receive.

In the summer of 2007, Kimmie was diagnosed with anemia and her doctor scheduled an iron transfusion.  During this procedure, Kimmie experienced an allergic reaction.  Although removed from her surroundings for only a few seconds, she felt her body spiraling down in a circular motion as she experienced a sense of peace and connection with all of creation.  In the days that followed, she was given a directive from God – “to teach people that we are one.”  Since then, she has been receiving new messages to share with others to help them “wake up” and embrace our oneness.  She has made it her mission to share these messages wherever she goes.  Kimmie’s heart is connected to her spiritual ministry and her spoken presentations, in fulfillment of that promise she made to “teach people that we are one.”

From this experience, Kimmie was inspired to create The Bless You Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging people to reach out with love and compassion to create unity.  Through this connection of unity and oneness, the solutions to the world’s challenges may be found.  This experience also inspired Kimmie to complete the work on her most recent book, Wake Up Your Intuition.  The essence of the book is to help people “wake up” to the intuitive guidance within each of us, to learn to live in the moment, and to discover our true purpose.

Driven by a childhood experience, Kimmie sought ways to heal herself and find forgiveness.  This journey led her to healing and re-parenting her inner child through the study of hypnosis at the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, where she earned a Masters of Paranormal Psychology and Hypnotherapy degree.  During this time, she also became a licensed minister and founded a licensed school of hypnotherapy.  She has since created several spiritual and self-help hypnosis recordings that have assisted her clients to stop smoking, lose weight, let go of issues holding them back, connect with their higher self, develop their intuition, and more.  By combining her intuitive abilities with hypnosis, Kimmie uses a unique and personal approach when helping her clients.

Seeking more ways to connect with people, Kimmie became a guest and then daily host on local FM radio stations, which led her to guest appearances on national stations.  With her girl-next-door, friendly, compassionate personality, she affectionately became known as “Kimmie” to her listeners and clients.  She is a teacher at heart who strives to help people recognize and embrace their intuitive gifts and honor their paths to live a more fulfilling life.

Kimmie is now a radio host on CBS’s Psychic Radio Network, heard worldwide on and available through 120 CBS radio markets in the U.S.  “InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky,” features interviews with mind-body-spirit experts and authors, as well as intuitive advice and guidance from Kimmie.  Her television show, “InnerViews,” can be seen on Telos Television, the leading network whose hosts who offer alternative therapies for wellness of the body, mind and spirit.  Her show, along with other popular shows with hosts such as John Grey, can be viewed across the country on local stations and on the Internet at

In 1995, Kimmie opened Lite the Way, a metaphysical store in southern Michigan, with her mother.  Here, she has guided countless people through money issues, relationship problems, spiritual growth, and depression, as well as offering healings, Reiki, and massage.  One of the healings offered by Kimmie is known as Crystalline Consciousness Technique, which is based on the premise that every person and living system is energy; that thought can direct energy; and that when energy and thought harmonize, people can experience rapid, profound healing and shifts in their lives.

Her forthcoming book is Wake Up to Your Intuitive Path; her earlier books are The Bless You Book; The Sun, Moon and Venus: A Simple Guide on How to Get the Most Out of Your Man; and Emmanuelle Speaks: Messages of Truth.  She writes a weekly vibrational horoscope column for a local newspaper and several websites. 

Despite her busy schedule, Kimmie’s first priority is to enjoy the precious moments of life with her five children, two grandchildren, and her parents.

To purchase books, CDs, or to schedule a private consultation, call Lite the Way, at (734) 854-1514 or visit the website at

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